photo art

One of my favorite processes is to take what I have already created and see how it can be transformed.

Some originate from sculpture, photographed and digitally processed

Some originate from a bad photo – lol – I have found through the process – the best transformations come from the worst photos. Moral of the story – never throw away a bad photo.

Even bad art or mistakes and failures can turn into cherry blossoms. Just allow the process to unfold and wala a new discovery.

Lady of the Lake – 
Original — art yarn, gel medium, horse hair, paint, found root
Final — photograph, digital imaging
Inspiration: in Memorial — Yarnell, AZ fire June 28, 2013


The Dance
Original — copper, brass, etched, horse hair, quills, stones,
Final — photograph, digital imaging
Inspiration — Acoma Pueblo pottery-making tradition


Mother and Child
Original — cast bronze seed pod, copper
Final — photograph, digital imaging
Inspiration — intuitive play with found objects


Flight Over Rivers
Original — silver, brass
Final — photograph, digital imaging
Inspiration — flight over Ohio observing rivers crossing the landscape


One of my kitties – Gisele
Original: normally considered a bad photo