farmstead helper

My name is Kim and I am offering my assistance as a farm helper.
That includes all pets, a variety of livestock and gardens too or just the property.

I have many years of raising my own horses, which blossomed into having a few goats and sheep, chickens and Emu. I know how trying it can be to want to take few days off and most certainly an extended vacation was out of the question. When I had my animals, I never really wanted to travel.
I loved being with them and that was enough for me. I did however have the desire to go to events but that meant staying away the whole day – which I didn’t want to risk or stay overnight, which was not an option. A few times I did have someone I felt would care for my animals the same way I did, but that was few and far between.

Maybe you are experiencing the same – so here is where I step in.
First let me be clear, I am not a cowgirl, a ranch hand, a farrier, a trainer or a vet
(these professions require other skills I don’t have)

I am however, someone with oodles of experience caring for my own animals. (You can view my animals on this website). Through the years and they are many, my experience has included: hot walker at Saratoga Racetrack, groom and stable hand at 4 horse breeding farms, a few riding stables and a kennel maid. I love and respect animals, I don’t baby them – well maybe just a little.

This past winter, I learned about Yak. They are not like cows or Bison – they actually remind me of goats – lol – big goats.

Ok – so – what do I offer?

— Simple — $30/day plus

if you are local – within 15 miles of Hot Springs, SD Post Office
$30 / day — includes twice day feeding/watering/checking everyone is ok
(this includes all animals, dogs, cats, birds, plants, lizards, fish etc)
1 – 20 animals

if you are 15 – 30 miles of Hot Springs, SD Post Office
$30 / day PLUS $1.00 per mile after the first 15 miles.
includes twice day feeding/watering/checking everyone is ok
1- 20 animals

I will stay over night — as long as needed — and travel much farther — even out of state to assist – however – separate accommodation for myself, my LGD and 3 kitties will be needed – $30 / day plus travel expenses / mileage to get there and back.

***If there is a emergency, I call the vet

****I don’t have a 4 wheel drive – so rugged road driving in the outback would not be possible.

— Licensed and Insured are in the works —

Contact info:
605 – 728 – 0416 mst – text first is best