I love this process. It reminds me of when I was a kid playing around with Macrame or when I used to braid my friends’ horses’ tails before a show. It’s great therapy for fingers and wrists and relaxes the mind. Traditionally, twined rugs are made from rags ripped from used sheets or any used fabric. Wanting more control over the color and texture, the fabric I have been using was purchased — mostly from quilting stores – gives me an excuse to ‘visit’ my favorite fabric stores. Like yarn and fiber, one can never have too much fabric!

The rug below is a primer of sorts. An experiment, to see how different materials responded to the process.
Materials: wool prefelt, Navajo Churro roving, Corriedale sheep roving, core spun chubby yarn ( Navajo Churro), wool yarn, cotton flannel and cotton quilting fabric.
Sources: Many Blue Hills Farm in Virginia, Fall River Fibers in Hot springs, SD, Nuts and Bolts Fabric, Edgemont, SD.

The next rug — created for private client in California. Earth toned theme.
Materials: cotton flannel, cotton quilting fabric, wool blend felt
Sources: all fabric except the grey wool/blend felt came from Nuts and Bolts Fabric, Edgemont, SD.

The two below live in Ohio

living in Utah — inspired by my trip through Wyoming


funny in Florida