I am


I’m an adventurer that is creative.
I love travel.
I love learning about other cultures and their life ways, especially ones related to shepherding.
I love wool and the animals that provide it.
I’m a work in progress – lol
I love sharing what I learn


In a parallel life – I work as an Academic Advisor for an Academy
that teaches animation topics for the film and game industry.

In a past life, I was an educator – teaching in the same industry mentioned above for close to 20 years. Prior to that, a whole slew of roles jumping through hoops trying to figure out what it was I should do. Lots of things from working with horses, to kennel sitting, to painting houses, building slate furniture, to waitressing, to mail handler, to you name it. A bumpy journey – school of life —


Who knows what the next phase God has planned – I’m excited to find out!