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photography journal

‘my window’
Albuquerque, NM
from first roll of film developed and fist image printed — yes that was a big deal!
Raymond Rainey mentor

My experience with photography runs the gamut – including my first love of traditional black & white, medium format, 35mm, DSLR, p&s, pinhole, toy, scanner and smart phone. Film still holds a special place and my 35mm.

College wise, I was fortunate to attend the University of New Mexico’s art program – before the digital era – and garnered exposure to some of the analog greats in the photo world — Joel-Peter Witkin, Betty Hahn, Tom Barrow and Patrick Nagatani.  We were exposed to Paul Capinegro, Jerry Uelsmann, Sally Mann, Cindy Sherman and many others – here’s a good list
https://www.bwvision.com/top-10-photographers/. Two of my favorite photographers – I learned about later on – apparently also attended UNM Thomas Joshua Cooper and Robert ParkeHarrison. It was an exciting time.
Nikon was the go to camera then for 35mm.

I decided to formally study photography because I always – my whole of life — wanted to paint. My goal was to learn to take better photos so I could paint them – lol — plein air painting didn’t ring a bell then. What can I say — everyone has their own way. Lol!

Working with black & white chemistry and watching the image magically appear was fascinating – full of uus and ahs– a form of sorcery! – kidding —
I intentionally avoided color photography – thought once I started I wouldn’t stop – lol – black and white was already different — color though – pulled me into non-stop experimenting – playing with xerox on acetate – layering on photo paper etc. Pre-Photoshop days. Did I make any outstanding work? not really – these were the days of experimentation — I made outstanding discoveries for myself instead. What do they say? It’s all about the journey – lol

As a result of this experience, my process palette is loaded from exposure to various photographic processes — Polaroid transfer to gelatin silver, developing enhancement chemistry for film and fiber-based printing (Michael Kenna was my hero) to photo printmaking techniques using silk screen, intaglio and aluminum plate lithography.  Acid etching was amazing. I have yet to try Platinum / Palladium printing and some of the other older process.

In 1998 — I found out I’m not a street photographer – although I LOVE documentary style – it conflicted with my comfort zone – non people thingies are better for my sensibilities. 1998 was the SALT experience – SALT Center for Documentary Field Studies in Portand, Maine- what a great program – 3 mos of 24/7 shooting, developing, printing — story. So much was impressed on us in that program – ethics, culture, framing, movement, composition – so much we didn’t learn at UNM – which was more conceptual – SALT was all about the audience. Todd Hoffman mentor. ‘Maine, a Peopled landscape’ a great read!

Munjoy hill, Portland, Maine
Lewiston, Maine

So the journey continues – along on a long country mile ……….