genetic engineering journal

A broad range of media was used in these works. My tool palette was comprised of photography, video, props, scanner image making, medium format film, acting, sculpture, motion animation, 3D, sound design, research and theme.

Genetic Twist
the blending of science with art

Above — Blessed are the Beasts
Tools — digital video, sound design using Virus software

Above — The Fetus – Blessed are the Beasts
Tools — Sidefx Houdini, sine curve animation, scanner image of my ear mapped as texture. No sound on this one – just silence

Concept art for stop motion animation short. About a transgenic mouse that grows an ear on its back and the human body with a cow head – returns to nature – symbolized
by the great tree on the mount.
(Modeled by an undergrad student) future piece will be puppets

Above — Tomatoes with Fish Genes — nuff said
Tools — Maya