needle art

Embroidery started form me when I was 11 years old – with my mom teaching me some simple stitches — she was a master at embroidery. The stitch strongest in my memory – the french knot. I love embroidery – and especially working with applique. She also taught me some crochet – there is so much one can do with a simple chain stitch. As life would have it though – stitching was put on the back burner for many many years.

One day I saw an ad for a workshop with Sue Stone on
Lol – I was all fumbled fingers – I’ve been working on computer for so long,
my fingers forgot how to work a thread and needle.

So here is the beginning of my stitching journey
Exploring Texture and Pattern with Sue Stone

We worked on samples – sort of a primer using back stitch, running stitch, mock herringbone and couching – strip weaving and applique. The goal was not to create art, but to learn various ways of applications of working with thread – thick and thin, single, double and color.


Strip Weaving – then adding stitches – running, back, mock herringbone,