My first Overshot Weaving –
called Dog Tracks – on a 4 harness loom — rayon yarn.
Created during workshop with Master Weaver Carma Koestar,
Sedona, AZ
I really enjoyed the process of weaving this piece — ultra relaxing..

You can read about Overshot / Coverlet weaving history here:



7″ x 7″ Weaving sample – Gulf Coast Native Sheep yarn from Dove’s Roost Farm in Florida – Ellen Smith Hogan shepherdess and spinner.
I love this wool – has a great hand to it for my purposes.

Woven on a simple tapestry loom — I will be weaving more samples using various wool types from the ‘shave em to save em’ group and the Livestock Conservancy.

The sheep below from Dove’s Roost supplied the goodies – Jaanet on the left for the yarn and Ticker on the right with the horns for the raw wool — I still have yet to scour — thanks lady and gentleman! Gulf Coast Native Sheep


plain and simple


first time using a 4 harness loom – playing with a variety of yarns