stitching trees

It all starts with a walk – documenting the landscape with photographs (smart phone LGK20), feeling the space, the landscape and the trees.

Next step – scribble a few landscapes inspired by the content in the photos
— don’t aim for perfection – just scribble.
Then take an old pair of jeans and cut out panels. Bleach some of it to almost white and keep some original blue.

  1. cut out the shapes of the trees and stitch them down to the bkg jean fabric using a simple running stitch, add tree stems.
  2. photograph the panels and play around with some digital image manipulation – sort of stirring the pot for inspiration to float to the surface. I love most for the process tell me what to do next.
  3. paint the surface using dry brush strokes of acrylic gesso and some craft paint.
  4. photograph again – play with some more digital image manipulation.
  5. start embellishing with stitches