Not weaving per say – these are crochet

LOVE Navajo Churro wool – it’s perfect for shaping forms — has the right amount of body and texture to hold its shape. Next step is to work much larger.

Navajo Churro wool handspun in the grease on a Navajo lap spindle (bottom)
spun by yours truly – what a feat lol
Gotland wool (dark grey) – spun by a spinner
Crochet to shape


This next bowl was created from yarn spun by a friend – an interesting mix of wool and fancy yarns –
crochet to shape sits atop an AZ rock next to an adobe house


My most favorite bowl to date — rustic crochet — a mix of wool and red string — some Gotland wool that was hand foraged in Newfoundland — hand spun by a friend from there.
I’m not much of a spinner.
I prefer purchasing spun yarn from various artists – more variety for me that way and besides I love the search for fun and interesting yarn.


Inspired by Pueblo pottery — the goal was to shape the crochet into a vessel with a neck.
A mix of acrylic yarns , experimenting with weight to help shape.
Just shy of 3″ tall.


Below are a variety of bowl styles, all made from wool except the pink and purple one — wool is easier to build shape and holds better due to it’s stiffness.

The yellow bowl – bottom left – the grey ring at the top edge is Gotland yarn, which is softer than rug yarns. I love mixing the two together.
The bowl to the right of it, is made of Gotland and a synthetic fancy yarn.